How do I make a curved, angled surface that is smaller on one end and larger on the next?

I am trying to make a barbed quatrefoil window, where the surrounding wall slopes outward, versus being cut equally on both walls like a normal window. I cannot figure out how to get a certain shape to make it complete. Here’s a photo that shows what I have so far. The blue that you see is the inside of the wall, I cannot get those shapes to close/be solid. At the left you can see what I’ve been trying so far, but to no avail (I thought that making a shape with closed corners and then dragging it in as an object would work, but it’s still only an outline that I cannot close).


Maybe someone knows of a better way to do this? or knows how to force the lines into a solid object?

Thank you for your help in advance, I’ve been struggling for days with this :slight_smile:

Something like this?

Don’t worry about the tapering until after you have it 3D. Then scale one face. Hold Ctrl to scale about center.


Ahhh yes that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to do, this makes much more sense, thank you very much!!!

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It isn’t clear from your original post whether you know what to do next with what @DaveR showed, so I’ll elaborate.

You should draw that shape somewhere separate from your wall and make it a component or group (a component is better if you need to cut multiple windows of this shape). Then move it into place on your wall and use the solid tools to subtract it from the wall (i prefer either Eneroth3’s solid tools or BoolTools2 because they preserve components whereas the native solid tools will convert the results into a group). You will either need to make the shape the same depth as your wall, or (as I did) make it extend a bit through so that it cuts both surfaces.

tapered window

Don’t be frightened of it, it’s all just edges and faces.
GIF 8-11-2020