How do I just draw a circle, and not have it be a face?

I’m trying to make a knob with a series of scallops around the outside. My first object in sketchup. I use the circle tool to make what I think is a circle, but when I use the context menu to look at entity info all I see is face with area, not circle and a diameter. I can’t believe I’m having trouble with such a trivial thing. I want to draw a circle, array small circles around the circumference, end up with a profile I can extrude. What am I not doing right here?

SketchUp is a surface modeler and thus when a complete loop of planar edges is created, a face will be formed. You can select and delete the face if you don’t want it.

Since you’re going to want a face to extrude, why not leave it? Array your circles around the edge and erase what you don’t need leaving the scallop-edged face to extrude. You really don’t need to array circles, either. You could just array arcs.

One way:

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As @DaveR says, leave the face.

Since the face ‘needs’ edges, select the ‘edge’ of the face: