How do I input property lines based on a civil survey?

How do i input civil survey property lines?

You might have a look at 2DXY SiteSurvey tools.

Thank you for the response but i must ask if is this part of the Sketchup package or by others?

It’s an extension written by a SketchUp user who needed the capabilities. It’s not included with the SketchUp package. It’s an add-on available for those who need that functionality.

Thank you so much. I will scrounge around for it.

No need to scrounge around for it. Just click on the link I provided to see the Extension Warehouse page. If you open the Extension Warehouse interface in SketchUp (under the Extensions menu) and type in the name, you can find it and install it.

Why not get the ACAd file and simply import it. That’s what I do with every project.

Thank you again, i did not realize you gave me a link. Best, MorganRhys