How do I get the Steve Figure Back

I want my bae back, but I want to keep sketchup 16. Is there an extension or what?

I dont’t like your use of the four-letter word as this is not solely an adult site.

You can use your old template. Steve, Lisanne, etc. are just components. I couldn’t search the 3D Warehouse, but I also think that all the old template scale figures can be downloaded from there too.


Your pathetic thread title has been edited by someone far more tolerant than me. I have edited my ignore list instead.

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I edited your poor excuse for a title. There is absolutely no reason for you to use language like that here.

If you’d simply look in the Components Sampler you would find that Steve is available there.

thanks guys, I’ll be more kid friendly next time

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You should be more friendly to us too.