How do I get rid of the grey back ground to the floor plans?

The plan drawing is in white, which is what I want. However, the surrounding area is in grey. How do I get rid of the grey background and replace it with a white back ground?
Any help given is appreciated. Thanks.

It would help if you shared the .skp file so we can see why it’s gray. Most likely it’s due to the style you have chosen ad the Background color. You could edit the style and change it to white. Or choose a different style with a white background. Of course it could be something else, too. Maybe you have a gray ground color and that’s turned on.

Screenshot - 2_5_2023 , 8_55_51 AM

Backup of GF-FLAT-FLOOR PLAN.layout (146.6 KB)
Thanks :slight_smile:

So first you need to edit the style in the SketchUp file. Set the background to white and turn off the sky.

As you have it:
Screenshot - 2_5_2023 , 9_09_05 AM

After editing the style:
Screenshot - 2_5_2023 , 9_09_24 AM

After making the edits click on the style thumbnail with the circular arrows to update the style.

Then update the reference in LayOut.

I note that you have not establish a scene in the SketchUp model for the view you are showing. You should create scenes in SketchUp and use those for the viewports in LayOut. Using the Last saved SketchUp view for viewports in LayOut is risky if you need to go back to make edits to the model.

Here I’ve revised your file. I created a plan view scene in the SketchUp file and updated the reference. I then chose the scene for the viewport and reset the Camera properties in LayOut so you can avoid potential problems later. I replaced your north arrow with one from the Scrapbook in LayOut as well.
Backup of GF-FLAT-FLOOR PLAN with scene.layout (183.9 KB)

Thanks Dave, Your input is greatly appreciated as well as the advice given. I’ll have a look at the scenes video in Sketch Up. Thanks also for returning the plan with the settings corrected, I can at least compare this with what I have been doing to find out where been going wrong.
Enjoy the rest of the day. Regards Edward

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