How do I get different tile color and styles?

Is there a way that I can get different options than what is present on the 2023 sketchup Go version?

What do you want? Different materials? You can import your own tile images as textures or you can search in the 3D Warehouse.

You can edit styles in SketchUp Go. As for adding new styles you would need to open an existing SketchUp file that has the style you want. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro so you can get additional styles from a variety of sources such as Sketchucation and SketchUpArtists or make your own using Style Builder which is part of the SketchUp Pro package.

Existing SketchUp file? like someone has already made? or a project I want to put the tile on?

I also meant to put Go do I need to upgrade to the Pro version to do so? ( I just changed it in my profile)

Well, selecting the Pro Plan when you created your profile created confusion. I thought you had SketchUp Pro, too.

For materials like different tiles you can do that without SketchUp Pro. If you have a suitable image you can import it to use as a material. Or again, search in the 3D Warehouse for tile materials. Here are just a few options in the 3D Warehouse.
Screenshot - 6_14_2023 , 2_23_21 PM

Styles are an entirely different thing but maybe you aren’t interested in them.

How do I upload the image? Where would I go to do so?

First draw a rectangle in the SketchUp model to receive the material. Then click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner and then Import>My Device

Navigate to where you saved the texture image, select it and click Open. You’ll get a window asking how you want to use it.

Choose Material and then apply the material to the rectangle.

Thank you so much this has been so helpful!

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