How do I find a phantom section cut

I have a section cut that shows in Layout on one view. I cannot find it in Sketchup to turn it off. I have had cuts in the model at one time or another and erased them. This is like a ghost trying my patience.Untitled.skp (2.7 MB) This shows in both the 2020 and 2021 versions.

hello, sections are now shown in the outliner. Type section in the filter dialog, they’ll all come up

I only see one section plane in your model. If you have one showing in LO that isn’t in this model, is this model no longer connected to the LO reference? What if you relink it?

It does not show in Outliner.

Did you see my revised post?

In Layout it shows in the right view but I cannot find it in SU.

What happens if you open the SketchUp model from LayOut?

Is the viewport disconnected from the scene in the SketchUp model?

Can you share the LO file?

Is it not this one?
GIF 21-01-2021 4-28-37 AM

It is relinked.House Plan 8 Scene views.layout (1.4 MB)

I also have tried a repair

EDIT @DaveR, @Box
The file placed in the first post was a copy that I had placed a cut in trying to figure out what was happening, sorry for the confusion.

Is this the viewport with the section cut you don’t want?

As indicated by the dark background in the Camera section of the SketchUp model panel, you have disconnected the Camera settings from the scene in the SketchUp model. Clicking Reset in the Camera section restores that connection.

You’ve done that to every viewport in the LO file.

I totally missed that, THANK YOU!. btw That was not intentional, it will be remembered.

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Best practice would be to make appropriate scenes in SketchUp instead of setting them in the Camera section in LO. You can set Scale and choose to Preserve Scale on Resize without disconnecting the viewport from the scene but selecting a Standard View or ticking the Ortho box will cause the disconnect.

Also remember, settings you might make in any of those sections in the SketchUp Model panel will get carried over when you copy the viewport. This can be a great benefit but obviously if you create a problem with those settings you can propagate the issue through your LO file.

Got it!

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