How declare location of object I am about to draw

What I am looking for is a possible sketchup feature. I just do not know how to find it. I have looked.

Before I draw an object (lets say a line), I want to start that line at a specific
spot relative to the axis (not geographic). I can’t seem to find a tool that identifies (I want digital location, in addition to the visual location of the cursor) where my cursor is before I commit to the creation of an object (ie: line).

Yes…I could generate guides. But that seemingly simple extra step can add up considering the number of times I will be stipulating an object’s location.

Any help?
Thank you

You will not find any tool to do this. You draw and only then you will be able to move your object to relative or absolute position in space. This may seem very odd but it’s working quite well when you get to learn all the ins and outs of SketchUp.

The ‘Text’ tool clicked on an endpoint and ending without inputting text will reveal the coordinates of that endpoint.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. Much appreciated the answer as well