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This may be so simple, but I sure haven’t seen a topic or discussion for it or in the FAQ. Is there a way to see the current co-ordinates of your cursor when moving across an item being drawn? For example, if you have just drawn a simple rectangle 60 units wide and 40 units high, as you move your cursor around inside this rectangle, surely there is a way to display the current co-ordinate position of your cursor inside this rectangle so that if, say, you positioned the cursor dead center in the rectangle, the display would show 30,20 as being the position and this would change as you move the cursor about. I used to use a couple different CAD programs some time back, and there would be a spot on the status bar usually that would show the X & Y co-ordinates of where the cursor was at in relation to the borders of the entity you were working with as you moved the cursor about. In my example 60x40 rectangle let’s say I want to draw a vertical line starting 27 units from the edge, so how do I know when my cursor is 27 units in when there is no display showing where I’m at in relation to the rectangle borders. Thanks

Inferencing, is SketchUp’s powerful system of dynamic guides and snap points.
As you move the cursor over geometry, notice the colorful dashed lines, dots and the tool tip messages.

Here, a Combined Inference from two midpoints.


Inference Locking

Use the Tape Measure tool to create a Guide or a Guide Point

Tape Measure Tool

Or, Select and then Move/Copy an Edge

Copies and Arrays

Dimensional accuracy is achieved via keyboard input.


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