Mouse coordinates display

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@LOUZA you should post that question in a new topic, so here goes!

Here’s an extension that will do that:

But the question arises: why do you want it to display? Is it to get familiar with the 3D enviroment?
SketchUp relies heavily on it’s inference system:

Bonjour merci beaucoup, mais au fait je cherche pas à afficher la position du curseur mais plutôt je cherche le script qui me permet de récupérer les coordonnées(x,y) de curseur pour que je puis les utiliser dans un programme ruby


Hello thank you very much, but by the way I do not try to display the position of the cursor but rather I look for the script that allows me to retrieve the cursor coordinates (x, y) so that I can use them in a ruby ​​program

Thank you

To get the screen coordinates of the cursor you need to create a class and interact with the Tool interface. When an object of the class you have created is set as the active tool SketchUp will call the onMouseMove method when the mouse cursor moves.

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thank you very much

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