How Create Accurate Footing Layout Plan?

Folks, I’m going to build and ship this nice kit for one of my azumaya designs, all the main structural part anyway, except this one also has a surrounding awning type roof all 4 sides of the building, which adds a lot more posts for the footing layout! The Posts all sit on raised concrete columns (1e.png) and we need them placed accurately.

I can create my normal plans for the footing layout, with a normal square or rectangular building it’s pretty easy and easy to follow, but with the additional offset Posts it’s getting confusing!

as you see in 1d Layout.png, I can locate the exact centers of the post / footings. I’d like to give his concrete contractor some sort of accurate file, so what’s the best way to do this? Is there some sort of point cloud a surveyor can use?

From a builder’s perspective, here’s what I would take to the job with me in addition to what you have shown.

So could a surveyor use a dxf or dwg, or some other file type I can export from SUp?

I don’t see why not. Couldn’t they also just use a printed plan from jpg or png?
Most of the surveyors I have known are pretty clever folk.
Again, my answer was based on what I’d use as a builder, I don’t know exactly what a surveyor might prefer.