How could I convert from any unit of Sketchup to meter

I want to convert from Sketchup selected length unit to meter.
Lets say I have a coordinate p = [a,b,c]
I want to convert the coordinate units to meter.

What i have tried

            UNITS    = [0.0254, 0.3048, 0.001, 0.01, 1]
            unit_options = Sketchup.active_model.options["UnitsOptions"]
            units_index = unit_options["LengthUnit"]
            coordinates = "#{p.x * UNITS[units_index]}|#{p.y * UNITS[units_index]}|#{p.z * UNITS[units_index]}"

What i’ m doing wrong here ?

pt =,200,300)


(1) Internally, Length class is always inches no matter what the user has chosen for the display units.

(2) You do not show us what UNITS is. We have to guess it is an array or hash.

(3) Did you look at the conversion methods that the SketchUp API adds to the Numeric class ?

John has shown an example of using one of these API conversion methods.

(4) Also become aware of these module methods …

(5) I also recommend reading Thomas Thomassen’s blog article …

Thanks @DanRathbun and @john_drivenupthewall.

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