Ruby in mm

how to set ruby ​​to always use measurements in mm

By default SketchUp always uses inches in its internal data files and calculations.
However, metric measurements can be displayed and inputted, and auto-converted, for user convenience.
Similarly with radians and degrees for angles…

Read up on the use of ‘Length’.

You can specify metric lengths thus: d =
d = "123.4".to_l
But there’s no simple ‘global’ settings…

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" ’

def dpre (dist1,dist2)
@np = (dist1 / dist2).to_i
@dpv = dist1 / @np
if @dpv > dist2
@np = @np + 1
@dpv = dist1 / @np
@dpv = ((@dpv/5).to_i * 5)

puts @np
puts @dpv

’ "



I’m unsure about why you seem to get different results.
Please format your posted code using the code tags or
### your code here
And two-space indents etc…
What do your expect the results to be ?
Why are you using @ variables ?
Remember that integers and floats give different results when multiplying and dividing.
Use .to_f rather than .to_i if it’s creating an issue…
If you add a ‘puts’ in front of any variable setting code, then it’ll print it in the Ruby Console, and help you see what you are getting at each step.

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This forum’s “coding” format uses three back-ticks ` NOT single quotes ’
They are quite different.
Also try putting them on a line separately from other text…

Try another edit…