How can I specify the exact dimensions when drawing a rectangle?

Hi all, sorry for bothering you with a totally ridiculous newbie-question :sweat_smile: but I’d like to draw a rectangle with the width of 1346 mm and length of 946 mm. How can I enter these two values when drawing a rectangle.

Thanks is advance for any helpful advice :blush:

Click and release with the rectangle tool and move in the direction you would like to create the shape, then let go of the mouse and type 1346mm,946mm and hit enter.
If your regional setting use a , for decimal then the separator will probably be ;

Illustrating what Box describes.

Note that at no time do you click in the Measurements window.

Hi Box an Dave, thanks very much for helping me out :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate it!
What seems to be different in my case is that when I release the mouse (in fact it’s a mousepad on my mac) the inner colour of the rectangle changes to dark blue and the dimensions are fixed. So I can’t change these afterwards. Therefore I would need to know how I prevent Sketchup to change colours so I can change the dimensions manually in the bottom right corner. Do I maybe have to change some settings?

After you’ve drawn the rectangle manually, to an approx size, try this…
Do not click anything or change tools - you should still be in the Rectangle tool [cursor].
Type [in space, do not click the Dimensions box] 1234,987 or whatever size you want [comma separated, numbers taken as current units or overridden by adding a suffix - e.g. 1.2m,1001] and immediately press return.
The last rectangle drawn should change ??
In fact you should be able to do this several times - the rectangle’s size is only ‘frozen’ when you click again or activate another tool…

Click and release to set the first corner. Then move the cursor but do not click again.

The dark blue face is normal. That’s the back face color. When you use Push/Pull to make the shape 3D the outside faces should be the white front face color.

SketchUp was designed to work with a 3-button mouse. Although you can use a mouse pad, you’ll likely find it easier to navigate in the model and work in general with a mouse.

Hi DaveR, thanks again for your reply! It’s always helpful to read precisely, right? The trick was to make a left lick in the rectangle space. Thanks very much for your help! :blush:

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