How can I quickly make all these cubes stick together, when they are separate cubes?

I want to make the cube from the 1st photo to last photo, What’s the short key or faster way that can do it?
Now I have to rotate one by one first, then align together, then point to point and stick together.
Any faster way?

Select three, erase, set the one that is left in position and MoveCopy that cube.

Note: if you use components, you can erase them all and drag a new instance from the component tray, then copy.

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@MikeWayzovski’s answer is the obvious solution if all cubes are identical. If they weren’t, there is no shortcut way other than what you have described.

BTW, why have you registered this under Pro when you use SU Free (according to your profile)?

ohm I’m sorry. I didn’t know what should I choose.

It’s not a big deal but the categories help others to navigate and find what they want quickly, so it helps if they are used the right way. Pro is a category used specifically for those who have a paid Pro subscription. You only needed the basic Sketchup category.

Never mind, you’ll know next time.

Using Curic Reset Rotation and JHS PowerBar plugins

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