How can I make small gaps and misalignment more visible and stand out more?

Hi All
I model for woodworking primarily, and sometimes I find it hard to spot a mis-alignment or gap. For example, I may think I have snapped two parts to be flush with each other, only to zoom in to find a minor mis alignment. My question is, aside from advice on how to avoid these misalignments in future, is there any way I can customise my workspace such that these steps, gaps, mis alignments etc show up better?


If you have Profiles turned on in the style and set to greater than 1, either turn them off or set Profiles to 1. Also make sure you have Length Snapping disabled and Display Precision set as fine as you can get it so small errors in dimensions will be visible.

If you model components in place as much as possible you are less likely to induce the errors you are seeing. Also make sure when moving components that you are grabbing them by some point that has an identifiable destination in the model space.


thanks Dave, where do I set ‘Display precision’?

In Model Info>Units