How can I make an arch that bends in two dimensions

Hi forum-users,

I am a dutch student working on one of my first sketchup projects. I was wondering whether one of you might know the solution to a problem I bumped when designing my model.

I want to create an arc that not only bends upwards, but also sidewards. I have tried to do it with the extension shapebender, it worked, but than I had to rotate the component which was impossible because the component bends in two dimensions.

Can you show us an image of what you are trying to draw? Or at least upload your SKP file.

It shouldn’t be impossible. Perhaps you need to learn more about using the Rotate tool.

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plattegronden Almere Toren.skp (1.1 MB)

Thanks Dave for reacting so quickly!!!

I’ve uploaded the file, the problem concerns the red colored component.

@lyschroten, do you need something like this (yellow)?
Use “BZ Toolbar (bezier curves)” and “curviloft”.

SKP file: plattegronden Almere Toren (1a).skp (1.2 MB)

Thank you mihai.s, that’s the exact thing I’m looking for. Going to try it out!

You’re welcome, lyschroten!
This is how you can do it with BZ Toolbar > classic bezier curve, then arc, and then Curviloft > Skin contours.

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