How can I increase the accuracy of my torus's geometry?

“NASA criticised for sticking to imperial units”


Ugh! Most American scientists long ago converted, but NASA?? Wow!

The Shuttle was designed in decimal inches, as is typical in the American aerospace and automotive industries.


Incidentally, the NASA guy quoted in that article was in error referring to the use of the “English” system of measure by NASA, and the US doesn’t work to Imperial units either. The English system was the antecedent of both the American Customary Units system, which the US has always used, and the British Imperial system. However, the American system actually predates the Imperial system, so the US does not and never did use Imperial units. (The two systems are, of course, virtually indistinguishable, differing only in extremely trivial ways.)

So are you saying that it would be better for me to work in Metres and to then shrink by x1000 just before getting it 3D printed?

definitely, it bypasses most of the inherent tolerances built into SU…

Humm will try that with next attempt to export to STL and save to the Win-■■■■ folder
( shared folder ) so Linux can access the file and slice it up with Scli3r and print with Repetier-Host