How can I change username of SketchUp from Chinese to English?

I can’t login Extensionwarehouse in SU2019 or SU2020 , it is seem my username is Chinese.
So I want to try change my username, and make EW works !!


Is it the same issue as this thread?

That was a caching issue (it showed the page that another user would see) in Extension Warehouse 1 which is not accessible anymore. I haven’t noticed a similar issue in Extension Warehouse 2 yet.

  • Does your correct username not contain Chinese characters? Does it contain only latin characters (a-z) or also accents (å,é)?
  • What you see, is it actually Chinese characters or other special symbols? Does it look like a character encoding mismatch?
  • What web browser do you use? Or do you login through SketchUp?

My computer’s operating system is WIN10 and I use Chrome. There was no problem when I used the browser to enter the ExtensionWarehouse, but when I entered through the EW of SU2019 and SU2020, I could not enter smoothly. A screenshot of the screen below.
This is very disturbing to me. Although the plugin update reminder still pops up, there are many plugins that seem to be unable to be properly authorized.
Now even though I have SU2020, I cannot load the software I purchased through EW. I have tried the methods I know, and now I want to determine if it is the user’s Chinese name that caused the operation to fail.

  1. SU2019 Extension

  2. In Sketchup 2019 to EW

  3. From Chrome to EW

that was solved by logging in actively, again.
I did suspect it picked up the region (I got to see user profiles that where located on the good side of the hemisphere nearby (same country)

What are the localisation settings? (Country, language)
Where are you located, yourself?
Do you use a proxy server or VPN?

Just a quick test: SketchUp uses a unified account for Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse (and more). In 3D Warehouse there exists a page that allows you to change the user name.

  • Does it display your user name correctly?
  • If you make a change to the user name, does it only affect 3D Warehouse, or does it also propagate to Extension Warehouse?

Even I changed my account name to English , i still can’t login EW from SU, and I can login 3d Model warehouse smoothly, and show my username in English

Please help i use SU for many years, from 2019 December i can’t use EW to manage my plugins.

Aerilius via SketchUp Forum 於 2020年2月3日 週一 上午4:21寫道:

Can you try clearing the browser cache of the browser that SketchUp uses (see instructions here). The error looks more like a server error, but just to be sure.

Do you know whether you created a Trimble SketchUp account (with a password stored at SketchUp) or whether you used “Login with Google” (password stored at Google)?

Maybe someone of the SketchUp team can help further? @Barry