How can i amend my .skp file automatically with sketchup_c_api

Sometimes it will prompt me to amend my model when I open a sketchup file(.skp file) made by myself.
So how can i amend my .skp file automatically with sketchup_c_api after i make the file/model so that i don’t need to open the file with sketchup software to amend it.

What is “it”?

  • a) SketchUp
  • b) The C SDK when used in a program/source code that you possibly wrote.
  • c) Another software (not SketchUp) that uses the C SDK to provide an import function for .skp files.

What is this prompt, an info message or an error message? Can you attach a screenshot in this forum?

Why do you want to “amend” the model?

  • a) You don’t know what it means (me neither), but you want to get rid of the error message.
  • b) You want to merge two models (or import one into the other).

Thank you very much for your reply!
I found a function named " SUModelFixErrors" and it partly solved the problem. I’m trying to dig a little deeper.
Thank you!