Fix model after SUModelMergeCoplanarFaces


Hi all,

I’m working on an exporter to Sketchup. After adding a triangular mesh to a SUComponentDefinition with SUEntitiesFill I use SUModelMergeCoplanarFaces to reduce the model size. But if I import a file inside Sketchup I’ll get infos to fix the model. Is this possible at the moment with the SDK? Most of the methods are just for adding geometries, but how about removing or modifying them?

The nice solution would be having the fix method from Sketchup as an SDK method.




Hi Patrik

Can you provide an example that reproduce this issue?

Ideally the SUModelMergeCoplanarFaces would not create models that yields Fix Model warnings.

The C API is currently focused on creating and reading SKP files. It is on our list to add methods to modify existing models.



I don’t think I can share the model at the moment in public - can I send it to you? Or do you need a code sample?




A small code snippet that reproduce it would allow me to run this through the debugger. You can send it to me directly if you don’t want to post it publicly.