How can control the view of Layout::SketchUpModel?

I have the rectangle of view and the rate.
When the page is orthographic, I can get the view that I want, but the perspective page can not.



I found I can solve the problem by Layout, but I can not do it by Ruby API.

Ruby API

bounds =, y, width, height)
model =, bounds)
model.current_scene = Sketchup.active_model.pages.to_a.index(@page) + 1
model.render_mode = Layout::SketchUpModel::RASTER_RENDER
model.perspective = false
model.scale = 1.0/100
model.perspective = true
model.line_weight = 0.1

By Layout

Could you make a zoomed in screen capture/screenshot at just the menu in LayOut? If possible it’d be easier to understand if you can run LayOut in English.

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Yes, I can.