How big is low poly?

Searched the topics here and didn’t find this addressed. How big can a file be and still be considered low poly? 1000 polygons? 5000? 100?

Don’t want to use terminology incorrectly and get criticized later. Thanks for any input!

It really depends on the object and context. It’s explained well in Wikipedia:

Low poly as a relative term

There is no defined threshold for a mesh to be low poly; low poly is always a relative term and depends on (amongst other factors):

  • List item
  • The time the meshes were designed and for what hardware
  • The detail required in the final mesh
  • The shape and properties of the object in question

As computing power inevitably increases, the number of polygons that can be used increases too. For example, Super Mario 64 would be considered low poly today, but was considered a stunning achievement when it was released in 1996. Similarly, in 2009, using hundreds of polygons on a leaf in the background of a scene would be considered high poly, but using that many polygons on the main character would be considered low poly.

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It depends on the context, I would say.

If you are looking for a model to use many many times in a larger model, the answer will be smaller than for one used only a few times. And it depends too on how closely you need or want to view it.

For example, if you were modelling a mechanical or wooden object using hundreds of countersunk machine screws or woodscrews seen only from a distance, and you see only the heads, a dozen segments in a circle representing the heads might well be enough, and more would be unnecessarily high poly.

But modelling a curvy antique chair to use say four times in a model of a dining room might need hundreds of edges and faces to look adequately smooth.

Thanks to you both. I’m going to take a deep breath and daringly slap that label on the radio I uploaded. It’s fewer than 2K polygons and no one would use it more than once in a scene.

If we are talking about this model of yours, i wouldn’t call it low poly. It should be under 500 polygon for this kind of object in my opinion. You have excessive polygons inside your spheres, you can delete them. Also your spheres seems to be ‘mid-poly’ (more detailed) in comparison to big cylinders, so i suggest lowering the polygons of spheres.

Low poly just means a relatively small number of polygons.

You’re right, Filibus, there was a lot of junk hidden inside the feet. I replaced them with a low-poly sphere from the warehouse and re-uploaded the model, but the numbers haven’t changed. I’ll give it a few minutes.

Wow! That made a huge difference! It’s under 250 polys now. Thanks for the analysis!

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