Houses Second Floor

I am designing a house and need to create a Second Floor. However, I can’t figure out how to make the house go up. The first floor is finished with windows and interior walls. Please help.

Hello! What do you mean by “can’t figure out how to make the house go up”? Please explain in further detail because there’s little information to help you in what you need.

The first floor in complete, and I don’t know how to create a second floor.

I have the first floor in a layer, and would like to add the ceiling and second floor as two other different layers.

See if this gives you some ideas:


Well, if you made the first floor from a floorplan, I’d suggest drawing another floorplan for the second floor, similar to this picture. Make the second floor just the same way you made the first one. When you’re finished you can create a new Layer and assign your second floor to that layer.

I made the first floor from scratch, without using a floorplan. If I draw a second floor separately but on the same file, will I be able to use the move key to put the Second Floor on top of the First Floor? I know it sounds like a very basic question, but I am really stuck at this point.

Of course. But make sure you group your first floor and then the second floor, so when you select it, the first level remains intact and untouched.

The only issue with this idea is that I end up with a Line on the outside of the house dividing the first and second floor. What to do now?

Do you mean something like this?

No, it is a line I can not erase, as it is the “floor” of the Second Floor that I moved on the top of the first floor. It seems as if I need a “transition” or “floorplan” between the first and second floors

How to draw a Second Floor on top of the First Floor? Please help

Post your model as it currently exists. Others can observe what you have done and make specific recommendations to help you.

1st and 2nd floor attempt.skp (131.4 KB)
I drew the first floor and put it in a group/layer. Once I use the push/pull tool to raise the walls on the second floor, it creates a line on the outside of the house separating the first and second floor. How do I get rid of this line? I can not only delete the line, as it will delete everything.

You can’t delete the lines, as they are the edges of face and that will cause the faces to be deleted also. But you can hide the edges so that the first floor wall and second floor wall appear to merge together. You have to hide both the top edge of the first floor and the bottom edge of the second floor.

Thank you. How do I hide the edges?

Two choices: the eraser tool hides edges if you hold shift while you select or drag across edges. Or you can select the edge and click “hidden” in the entity info window (expand it using the little + to see the checkbox for hidden.

1st and 2nd floor attempt_edited.skp (137.3 KB)

Actually, you can hide the offending lines in a way. You have 2 options. Because the lines occur within a group, you can open the group context for editing and select the desired edges only then hide those. Even better, I like the idea of placing the lines you don’t want to see in a group and then placing that group on a layer that is turned off. (In this edited example for speed I neglected to place the turned off lines into a separate group.) Take a look at the Layers panel and the Entity Info Panel to see how this was handled.

Also, you should pay attention to the face color of all the entities in your models. Several of the walls in your post were shown in the blue-gray hue, which is indicative of the reverse face. This can sometimes result in issues when exporting or when 3d printing.

Thank you all so much. I got it!

You could also create scenes and hide the floor or turn the layer off when looking at the building from the outside. Scenes are a great way to navigate and to turn geometry on and off for viewing and navigation purposes.