Honeycomb patterned surface (newbie question)

Hello, first of all, I am new to Sketchup.

I am in the process of designing a jar, and I would like to add a honeycomb-patterned surface to it.
I am able to create a basic jar geometry by extruding a face, but then I would like to add the honeycomb motive on top of it. I am able to create a hexagon, but

  1. I am not able to automatically replicate it for making a mesh (only able to clone it manually)
  2. One I have been able to create a pattern, how can I apply it to the surface area of my cylinder?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You are talking about propagating a 2D pattern over the surface of a 3D object. In SU, that sort of surface treatment is generally accomplished using an image-based texture applied with the Paint Bucket tool rather than with geometry drawn onto the surface. Drawn geometry consumes far more system resources (in terms of memory and processsor time) than a painted texture and generally doesn’t look as good–close linework tends to bleed together and look blotchy. Also, since you want to cover an entire surface with the same pattern repeated over and over, you’re squarely within the province of a seamless tiling texture.

Please show us the the jar (a picture or the model) and give us some indication of how the hex pattern is supposed to look and I think you will receive some very specific recommendations on how to proceed.


There’s a plugin which can help you here, but as a beginner you will have to learn doing it by hand with the hints you will get here after uploading the image @Gully_Foyle mentioned…

Here is my model and the component I would like to replicate over the red area (it is not an image texture, but rather a 3D mesh).

I will be travelling for two days, so I will test your suggestions at the weekend. Thanks!

See this topic…

Like this?

honeyface.zip (353.6 KB)

how did u subtract the face to the honecomb to get the pattern? Mr. Cotty?

I’ve intersected the face with the honeycomb group, no subtraction involved here. You can have a look at the file for details…

My http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=TIG_Honeycomber also does this with appropriate settings and no ‘shell’…

I too am a new user. @TIG, does your plugin work for SketchUp Make or just Pro?

Pro only - it uses its solid tools unavailable in Make…