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Be careful what you wish for. . . As it stands now you have all the crazies sandboxed fairly tightly within one little space here.

If this thing gets shut down prematurely, some might be inspired to avenge the injustice by creating additional forum posts, or god knows what else. You’re probably better off pushing for a group suspension resulting in revoked forum rights.

… or maybe the local authorities can be called in to sort out a clear violation of penal code 42.


Wait! “Finitely probable”? This leads me to suspect that you’ve allowed a finite improbability generator closer than 1,200 parsecs away from the research team. In the interests of scientific integrity, not to mention that I will tolerate no risks to beer supply, no matter how small or imaginary, I’m afraid I must release you from the research team. Your’e sacked.


You’ll be sorry. I’m taking all of the telephone sanitizers with me on the B ark.


You’re welcome to all the gossip columnists as well along with all who pay attention to them. Please! Take them with you!


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