History Brush

I wander if there is a tool like the history amazing brush in Adobe Photoshop>
It would be perfect! Are there a plug in that make this?

Can you explain what that feature does?

It would be wonderful to be able to go back in the modelling history (all actions would be stored in an history like for photoshop). This would give the possibility to go back at one point (when you messed up) and start again (don’t tell me there’s CTRL+Z (i know! but that’s not the same)).

What would be insane though, is to be able to go back at one step, make some changes but still be able to apply all the actions following the modified step. I understand that this would be a lot of work but it would make a huge difference in modelling under sketchup.

This would increase production Workflow, save you a LOT of time and increase the ease of modelling.

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