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Is it possible to see my evolution thru all my editings in SU?
I am asking this because I was working yesterday in my model and I made some mistake but I didn’t see it. Today I realized something is wrong but I don’t know what exactly I did.
I could just restart from a point in history but I made other editing after my mistake and I also don’t know what are those editings. I know that because I am in version 146 and I checked all versions until 136 which does not have my mistake. I wanted to know what I did after that point in a dinamic way, like a list of editing or a fast forward movie.
Is this even possible?


Hello. I have a plugin in mind for desktop version. But for SketchUp web I don’t think you’ll find such a feature

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At least in SketchUp Shop there is a history and you can go back to an earlier version. Not sure if that is available to hobbyists using the free version, though.

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I used that feature to find the point where I screwed up, but after that I can’t find the minor changes I made to my model.

It’ll only record versions when you save.

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