Historical Portable Computers - Sanyo CZ-0911PG + Sharp PC-1211

Back in 1973 while studying architecture I got a part-time (well almost full-time)) job in a start-up Environmental Consultancy Firm … Australia has just introduced the requirement for Environmental Impact Statements for all major developments curtesy of the new national Labour government under Gough Whitlam… I started initially drafting their illustrations but quickly got involved in preparing sections for visual, noise and climate impacts as well as managing the flora and fauna study team.

I seriously loved the work and it was a hard decision to return back to architecture after 4 years of environmental studies on coal mines, aluminium smelters, airports, titanium mining, waste disposal sites etc field studies in forests… counting trees and chasing snakes…

Going from a $50/week subsidised fulltime student to a well paid professional consultant was quite a temptation… and allowed me to buy this Sanyo CZ-0911PG ($200 if I recall) hand held programable Computer… well before IBM’s were around.

Unfortunately… the Sanyo has been lost in one of the numerous lifetime moves but I held onto the book that came with the computer that contained a wealth of practical programs to load into it.

With another move coming up soon I could not bear to let this little gem fade away into garbage oblivion and thought it might be appreciated by the programmers amongst the Forum team so I just spent the last 4 hours slicing it up and scanning it into a PDF to share in the public domain.


Here is a link to a short description of the device - I have a gut feeling it maybe worth more now that when I bought it… alas the device probably is in an old box somewhere unknown now!


OH!, I entered the structural programs into this device and finished my 2nd Year Structural Engineers Exam in 30 minutes, and had to pretend to look busy for the remaining 2 hours before handing my paper in :slight_smile: Passed !

SHARP PZ 1211 Portable Computer - (Tandy TS-80)

Also bought this on a trip to Japan in 1983 - the complete kit with printer and carry case… again a great little workhorse in its day and was still working back in the 2010 but relegated to a cupboard drawer, and finally failed a few years later

Like the Sanyo it had a great library of BASIC routines for everyday tasks and I could not bear to throw it into the garbage so spent another few hours cutting of the spine , scanning and assembling as a PDF to put it in the public domain… hope all budding Dynamic component writers find it useful,

Here is are the BASIC routines… 300 pages 49Mb

too big for here but here are some samples

Also stumbled across this website for all you calculator nerds!


Blimey - those images bring back a few memories - we must be of a similar vintage :smile:

I remember both from yesteryear although in the late 70s I owned the HP 35 which used inverse polish notation and cost over a month’s wages.

Thanks for sharing :+1:

For fun the other day I found a website that summarised what dollars really cost back in the past in todays term. Apparently that $200 calculator would have cost me $2400 today… :slight_smile: