Lap top models

Hi all. Im in new zealand and about to start a course on interior design.
I have all of the descriptions on what i need in a laptop but i just want someone to give me a list of laptops that will work on a budget. My brain is on fire after trying to understand lap top spec details!

Do you already own a laptop?
Which one?
Are you planning to do something else besides/after the course?
What is the budget?

I do have ine but it’s a hundred years old so not suitable and have taken it to an it dude but would cost about $700 to upgrade so feel like it’s probably time for a new one anyway.
I will always use it for basic emails and utube and Netflix bit this design program seems like I need a more expensive one? Thanks for helping lol

Ps budget is around 1200 nz dollars but if I have to spend more to pass the exams so be it

Nobody is really going to be able to give you a list to choose from. Too many variables.
At the most basic level you should be looking for a laptop within your budget with the fastest single core speed with a decent discrete video card and reasonable RAM.
If you find a selection to choose from you could post links for them here and people could offer your reasons for choosing one over the other.
You need to remember that not everyone lives in NZ so we are not aware of what is available to you and at what price.

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Ok thanks. And bummer lol. Feeling pretty clueless and like someone may rip me off. How about I send you the info on one I was looking at online and u tell me what u think?

Look for “gaming” laptops with a discrete Nvidia graphics “card”. The model you posted has only integrated graphics.

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What words will they have? It doesn’t say that on anything

Just Google “gaming laptops” …