HighRes export (PNG) from WEB SHOP version

I have a subscription license for the web app version (shop version I think).

I need to print a 2d layout that I drew in sketchup on tabloid paper (11x17) and the export/PDF “feature” creates an unreadable low-res blurry file… as does the export to PNG.

I’m confirming that this is “working as intended” as the only options I can find for high res imagines/exports are from within the PRO-APP version.

Are there other options Im missing?

Three attachments. Two show the issue with low-res and the third is a zoomed in export to show what detail exists.

Cottage Electrical Main (1).pdf (143.8 KB)
Cottage Electrical Main.pdf (191.3 KB)

Neither of the two PDFs you shared look particularly bad to me. I would edit the style to change the background to white and perhaps set Profiles to 1. You can export the image at a larger size if you want. That can help with the resolution. I don’t have an electrical plan but the following image was exported at 6000 pixels wide. You’ll need to click on it to see it full size.

If you need better quality PDFs you could switch to SketchUp PRo and use LayOut. That will give you a lot of capability you don’t currently get with SketchUp Shop/Go.

Here’s a PDF of the same model from LayOut already set up for 11x17 paper.
Shafts and Pulleys.pdf (116.4 KB)