Hide unselected

Hi, is there in Sketchup option to hide all thinks, which are not selected? I am now doing select all, with shift deselect and then hide. Thanks.

TIG’s SelectionHideShow adds various Selection, Hide and Unhide tools. You can get it from Sketchucation. You could invert your selection and then hide the selected entities.

Thanks Dave, I will try it. J

I have just updated from the free 2017 version to 2020 Pro. On 2017, I had an extension called “hide all unselected” but I can’t find it in the current extension wharehouse. I found your post on “TIG’s SelectionHideShow” but can’t find it in the extension wharehouse. Am I missing something?

All of TIG’s extensions are hosted at Sketchucation, not in the Extension Warehouse. Here’s the link for it: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Hide all unselected is from smusterd.com. And it’s free.

FWIW, SketchUp 2020 has an Invert Selection option that could obviate the need for an extension. Select what you want to show, choose Invert Selection or use its keyboard shortcut and then hide.

Thanks. Somehow I overlooked your post last night. This morning I went through my notes on my old windows 7 computer and I found smustard.com. Amazing what you can forget when you don’t use it.

Thanks Dave. I checked out the Invert Selection and it works as you suggested. This approach becomes a two step process; first Invert Selection and second Hide. The Hide All Unselected does this in a single step. As suggested by Ccaponigro, what I wanted can be found from smustard.com.

I did find the SelectionHideShow but it did not seem to do what I wanted. When I executed Hide All Un-Selected, I appeared to get a wire frame image.

Dave you are a great resource.