Hide part of model when integrating a picture

Hi all,

I’m trying to insert a model into a picture, and having trouble with a very specific task when doing so.

I hope i’ll find an answer here.

Basically I am able to import a picture and after the different setup of axes, I can insert my model into the picture with the right size and axes.

But sometimes, the model should be “behind” an element of the picture. Hence I need to hide the portion of my model that should be behind it.

Is there a way to do this in sketchup or do I need to perform further photoshoping ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Can you share a screenshot, your picture or the mode you are working on?

SketchUp is a 3D modelers, so you cannot model “inside” a picture. At best an image can sit on the ground or behind a model.

I agree with @TheOnlyAaron. Show us what you are trying to do. And you’re trying to do this in SketchUp Free (web) as your profile indicates you are using?


Thanks for your replies. Here is a picture :

In the picture The model (in brown) should be at its left behind the pillar.

I don’t have a pro licence but I’m using the 30-day free trial of the pro version it right now.

Thanks again !

Since you are building a 3D model in 3D space in front of a 2d image, that pillar will never go behind the pillar. If you need that then you are best off modeling that pillar in 3D space in front of the mirror.

Can you share the entire photo? It might be possible to use it with Match Photo. If it will work you could use it to guide you in creating a model of the existing structure and then use the image as a texture. After you have that modeled you can add in your other elements.

Please correct your profile to reflect that. The tools you have available in SketchUp Pro are different than what is available in the free web version.

Hi, yes I get that. My question is : is there a way to create some kind of mask to avoid modelling in 3D the pillar ?

Thanks !

As a 3D modeling software, the idea of “Masking” does not exist. SketchUp shows the things you model in 3D space. If you want something in front of another thing, you need to create those items and arrange them in 3D space.

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Create a second image in an image editor with the background deleted and move it in front of the model. It’s a simple enough thing to model, though. Easier than dealing with multiple images.

Ok thanks a lot to both of you !

I appreciate it

Or, create two scenes, one with both the image and the model, aond one with only the image. Send to LayOut. Put the two views on top of each other (only the image topmost) and crop the upper view at the edge of the column, if necessary with a clipping mask. This was done in that way:

Very nice, I’ll try that.

Thanks !