Hi, I try to open the model I’m working on two days before, it gives the attached opening error. Does anyone can help me, please?

hi, so, 3 things :

  • first, in your profile, it says “free plan 2021”. there is no free 2021 plan. it’s either free plan, online, 2021 pro, or cracked 2021. please be more precise, as the answer you give will help us orient you.

  • second, if you share a google drive link, you have to allow access to people. I know, it’s a weird thing google does, it’s annoying.

  • third : your operating system is not rog something. that’s your laptop’s name. your OS is likely windows 11. because again, sometimes, there are differences between win10, 11, macos…

Sorry, I don’t know how to use it well, and thanks for your reply, it will help me to know more.