Help with two 2x4's grouped separately

I have two 2x4’s drawn and grouped separately, is what I want to do is make them like components so I can change there height from 6 feet to 8 feet at the same time. How would I do that. Thanks

If you want the two to act the same, delete one of them, make the other a component and copy it to replace the one you deleted.

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I can’t delete because is what I am doing is working with an old plugin called house builder and i am wanting to use the reports in Sketchup or Quantifier. I could use Medeek or Plus Spec but I like House Builder.

It would have been useful if you presented that information about using House Builder earlier. Yes, HouseBuilder creates every stick as a group. It’s reasonably fast on the front end to use it to make walls and such but it winds up creating more work for you later in your process. Personally I find it much faster and easier in the long run to model framing manually using components especially when I want to get useful information out of the model.

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