Help with Plans for Murphy Bed & Desk combination

I need some help finishing the plans for this bed:

I have a model and parts made up. I’d love some help from someone willing to partner up to help me make the plans so I can distribute them. I’m basically just sick of working on it, and I need a wiz to finish it for me.

Get in touch if you’re interested in the work.

Are you offering to pay for this? For what purpose are you planning to “distribute” the plans? If the purpose is “for profit,” you may not use SU Make.

SU does not purport to be a drafting or CAD program, and the drawings it makes are rather minimalist, and not particularly compliant with prevailing standards. Exactly what do you have in mind when you say “plans”?


… and someone with a Pro license can (per EULA) create commercial plans for you. They’d use Layout along with SketchUp for drawing the plans.

(I edited the topic title to be more specific, so as to draw furniture modelers.)

Check your private messages.