Help with interior design

I need ideas on how to design the ground floor of this house (living room, dining room). If you could give me ideas on how to design, I would really appreciate it. ican,t upload more photos and the file weighs 165 mb
Are there forums for these specific cases?


What specifically do you want to know? Maybe you should start by learning the fundamentals at

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says Free plan" and “Home”. There is no such version.

If you don’t want to hire someone to do it you can get some inspiration on the internet, it’s actually hard to give you an idea just by looking at the images you shared and knowing nothing about the project, there could be hundreds of design solutions but it depends on the client, the requirements, the location, context and more factors that are important when you are designing an space.

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what does the design or client want? Hardwood floors, ceramic tile, carpet, stained concrete? are they two spaces going to have the same floor or different? what should the transition look like if more than one floor? You really are not providing enough information for your question to get an answer.

one thing (besides the is eliminate all the decorative stuff and purge your file as all those extraneous components are causing your file to bloat. stick to the fundamentals of the design first. add all the decorations (e.g. furniture, plates, cables, appliances etc) later once you have the structure done.