Help Modifying a 2nd Floorplan Appartment to have a Kitchen

Hello My Sketchup I am looking for someone to help me with the floorpan of a 2nd level of an apartment that does not have a normal kitchen I will upload the floorpan I will appreciated if someone can help me with it , I am trying to convert 4 1bedroom apartment into 2 bedroom apartment with 1 bath or 2 bath , 1 kitchen and a living room , on each side.

as of now on the plan it is 1 bedroom , 1 living room , 1 bath, and the kitchen is in the living room
wich is what I don’t want the kitchen in the living room .

Thank you very much.

We’re here to help. But let’s be sure that what you mean by “help” is the same as what we mean.

What we normally do here is answer questions. We don’t ordinarily enter into relationships of indefinite duration based on some extremely vague, open-ended request for “help” when we have no idea what is being requested. I certainly wouldn’t offer to help you unless I knew exactly what you were up to and what your expectations were. If your expectations are anything more than other users providing you information and suggestions and you doing the modeling, there is a mismatch.

You need to put some dimensions and limits on your request. Better yet, ask a specific question, and you’ll get a specific answer. After that, ask as many more questions as you wish, until you have no more to ask, but one at a time, if you please.


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I think this request would more appropriately be located under the “Commercial and Collaborative Work” Category so I am moving it there.

Bear in mind that you appear to be requesting professional design consulting services, for which some reasonable consideration should be agreed to. Additionally, the specific level of assistance must be clearly defined. In this case no specificity is provided.

in addition to what @Gully_Foyle and @jvleearchitects said, please keep in mind that this is a SketchUp forum. We deal with questions about how to use SketchUp. Your request is, so far, pretty vague as to whether you need help with the conversion design itself or with using SketchUp to portray it.

You need to do two things: 1) convert the plan into a 3D model of the existing rooms. 2) change this model to suit your needs.

  1. can be acheived by [a] importing the image above, then [b] scaling it so that it’s 1:1 then [c] tracing over it to either form the rooms or the walls, then [d] extending these to create a 3d model of the main structure, then [e] adding in details like stairs, doors and windows.

For 2) I would copy the model used in 1 and work on that; lots of use of the push/pull tool and some amendments to the existing walls will be needed.

Each of the points listed above could be split into many different ways to achieve the end result - I recommend trying it and come back when you encounter a specific problem you want advice on.

I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but MagicPlan is a nifty little app that helps you document existing structures. I don’t think you can export a cad file, but the PDFs that come out of it are plenty good enough to work with. I think if I were doing the work, I could work with your drawing, but I would probably want to go into the space and get an as-built set of measurements before I started trying to design a re-model. It never hurts to have plenty of information.

I am teaching my children how to do some of this, and I wouldn’t mind having them have a go at it, with the understanding that there were no expectations attached to the project. I’ve been curious if it’s possible to do a decent design without ever setting foot in the space. I assume you are looking for design that does not involve moving walls, as I’m sure that would require a professional to come and inspect for load bearing walls, etc.

If you are willing to work with amateurs, I will certainly facilitate.

Hello Jesse,
Yes go ahead and give it a try
It will be a pleasure to see what you can come up with,
That floorplan was made without a normal kitchen
And Now I’m trying to come up with a two bedroom one living room a kitchen and a bathroom

I’m not a designer. I have Sketchup 2015
I don’t know how to use it because I’m working so much that I’m living my house really early and get back home way too late no time to even try to learn the program So any help I can get will be really appreciated
So go ahead and do what you can and thank you again very much