Help with extension identification

Using SU Make 2016 (32bit) and have a number of extension names/titles showing under Window > Preferences > Extensions that I have installed from .rbz files. The .rbz file is stored in a separate folder. I have recently installed SU 2016 on another computer and would like to use the same extensions on the second computer installation. How can I determine what plugin name shown in Window > Preferences > Extensions is linked to a particular rbz file?

An examples: ene_uprightextruder.rbz installs as “Enroth Upright Extruder”
tt_solid_inspector.rbz installs as "Solid Inspector
These two examples are obvious, how do I link those that are not obvious?

Thank You!

Alas, you may have to test installing a .rbz to find out what it contains. Most authors use sensible names, like the two you mentioned. But there is no mandatory relationship between the rbz file name and the Extension name. Some authors use obscure file names.

If you change the extension of a RBZ to ZIP and open it, you can open the .rb file it contains and read the name from there.

An unpopular solution could be to just avoid extensions without a clear mapping between the RBZ file name and extension name.

True, but you need to know enough Ruby to understand what you find!

If the part that adds the menu is encrypted, knowing Ruby won’t help.

If you just want the same extensions in same version of SketchUp you could probably get away with just copying all the files in your plugins folder over to the new computer.

Finding out which plugin gave which menu item is something that annoys me too. Another annoying thing is the menus not being sorted alphabetically.

If there’s a particular menu item you’re stuck with, ask here and someone will probably know.

I think you could find the name and other info in the background noise, even without understanding what the background noise is. At least if you start by looking at an extension with a known name so you know approximately what to look for.

If I understand the question correctly it’s about the mapping of RBZ file to extension name, not to menu entry text.

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Ok, I read that wrong in the first post.

If you’ve installed other plugins that don’t register as extensions, you won’t find them all just by looking in Window → Preferences → Extensions. Have a look in your plugins folder too.

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Firstly, thank all of you for your helpful replies The replies are much appreciated! I’m on old guy and my hobby is modelling small engines and mechanical things. I’m just getting into SU (again) most of my experience has been with TurboCAD for 2D drafting. I guess most people my age are retired and into gardening, fishing, restoring old cars, painting, etc… I enjoy 3D modelling at the computer! I am so very impressed with the SU knowledge base displayed on this forum. You folks are some very smart people in my book! Thank you again for your help! I’m going with the .rbz to .zip extension change, then unzip, then look at the file trying to determine a link to the extension name!!!

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