Help with Dynamic component formulae (**Model now uploaded!**)

Im trying to add an option to this cabinet to equally space the number of shelves required in the attribute menu within the cabinet. This is my first dynamic component and its been slow progress but I really need to speed up my design work as its taking way too long at present. Im determined to get to grips with this!!

I realise this formulae is probably really screwed up but Im still learning, please be gentle haha. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Would help if we could see your model. Consider sharing it with an upload.


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Ok, I didnt realise I could do that. Thanks for the advice! BaseCabinetShakerOverlay(singleshelf).skp (179.1 KB)

First off, let’s not confuse the “shelves” with the Cabinet’s Top and Bottom Panels.

Now; in addition to the number of shelves, I’d suggest we consider the number of SPACES between the shelves. The number of spaces will be One-MORE space than there are Shelves. In our case, Three Shelves = Four spaces.

Next, I would calculate the clear-vertical-space available between the Top and Bottom Panels which in this case = 1156mm.

That means that if Three Shelves are needed, the Clear Space BETWEEN each Shelf =
( 1156 -(NumberOfShelves x Thickness) ) / (NumberOfShelves +1) = 27.25cm

Formula for Each Shelve’s Z-Position is: =
Cabinet!Thickness +Cabinet!SpaceBetweenShelves +(copy *(Cabinet!SpaceBetweenShelves +Cabinet!Thickness) )


BaseCabinetShakerOverlay xNino.skp (77.8 KB)


Thanks so much for that detailed reply, I really appreciate it!

I will go off and review where I went wrong…thanks again!

No worries @CarlosSaavedra
Basically it is just applying calculations that you would be doing in the workshop. Its just a matter of knowing how formulas works and apply them. If anything find advice here. Goodluck

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