Help with a Rhombus Shape Please

Hi all. I’m struggling for hours already, trying to make a half-rhombus like shape. I have a rough sketch of what I’m trying to achieve below. The problem is I can’t figure out how to snap those 1 cm lines together without changing their length. Trying to rotate from the base anchor doesn’t snap the top end. I just need the perimeter to be 1.5 + 1 + 1. I’m close to pulling my hair out already. Could someone guide me through this, please? :cry:

You are probably being defeated by small scale and angle snapping.
Draw it at 1.5m add a centre line to rotate the 1m edges to and you should be able to snap to that edge.
Then scale down with the tape.

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Use the ‘Pie’ tool. It snaps to edge(s).

Base 1500
Edge perpendicular from its midpoint
On base an edge 1000 to get that extra point on the base
Now with the ‘Pie’ tool starting at one end, also using the extra "1000’ point, snap to the perpendicular edge.

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You can use any of several “exact circle” extensions such as my own Circle Intersect or TIG’s True Tangents to get the intersection point of two 1cm circles with centers at the ends of the 1.5 cm baseline. Then just draw lines snapping to the intersection point.

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Simple rotations like that won’t snap to the edge. The ‘Pie’ tool does.

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Thank you all for the quick responses. Tried the scaled up method, but the same result. The Pie Tool was the quickest, thank you @Wo3Dan. @slbaumgartner I’ll make sure to try the extensions you mentioned, as there’s a true tangent part coming later in the project. Cheers to all! :thumbsup:

To go with my text above.
(started with 1000mm also perpendicular to base line instead of on base line, same result.)



@Box is right, though one needs to be somewhat careful to get the snap to work right. It’s easy to get the line’s endpoint just a tiny bit off…

@Box, tried again. It seems to be working but look what happens when I zoom in and Ctrl+undo/redo. The middle line seems to jump around:

Also, the degree of the central vertical line changes:

It looks like the right line moved when you clicked.

No doubt the Pie tool is a better option.

Just to fill out the animations…(despite some clumsiness on my part)

Is that your Circle Intersect plugin @slbaumgartner?

Yes it is

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Looks sleek! Will give it a try.