Help with 2D floorplan groups / set up

1st floor 2d floorplan skp.skp (339.9 KB)
Hello. I’ve finally managed to draw an accurate 2D floorplan drawing of my 1st floor home layout. The only issue is I struggle with “setting up” and feel all of my groups are wrong. Can someone please kindly help so I have a clear and accurate floorplan set up to work with before I start adding 2D objects as furnbiture? Measurements are all correct…but you will see for example, in the box room, something isn’t right as the wall thickness is not going “white”. I’ve attached the file. Thank you for your help. P.S the little “boxes” next to each door represent the doorframe.

Add on: some of my lines are thin and some thick too. Not sure why?

Your odel is inconsistent in the way it is done. You have some geometry grouped while most of it is loose, ungrouped geometry.

Personally I would change this. I would removed the door swings, explode the groups and fill in the missing faces. Then group only the walls.

Quick example. I traced the outline to create a floor which I made into a component. It’s moved down here to show it’s separate from the wall outlines.

Are you planning to go 3D with this model?

The thick edges are “profile edges”. You’ll get those around the outer perimeter of a surface and in the case of edges that don’t divide a surface. For example the rectangle is surrounded by profile edges. The thin edge divides the rectangle into two faces. The thick line near the center does not divide the surface so it is shown as a profile edge.

After adding another edge to divide the face into two smaller faces, that edge goes thin.

Hey there, thanks a lot for your help. I won’t model into 3D on this occasion, just 2D. I think I’ve done what you suggested but when I open the wall group, it doesn’t highlight arounbd all the walls. Am I still doing something wrong? Attached is my update.1st floor 2d floorplan skp.skp (335.3 KB)

Well, you have a group containing the outline of the walls and a bunch of loose geometry that represents the floors and the windows.

What is the goal for your model if you are leaving it 2D? It would help to know what you intend to do with this.

Sorry, I really struggle with groups and geometry / components :frowning: My goal is to map out a basic 2D floorplan and use this as a accurate point of reference to check all my furniture fits and I can work out how much flooring I need etc. I don’t need it to be 3D. I’m going to draw some components to illustrate basic furniture pieces…

Geometry is the edges and faces you draw in the model. Groups and componets are containers that you put the geometry into to prevent it from sticking to other geometry. Considering how you are using the floorplan in this case, you might just as well make a single group of all of the geometry you have. Then as you add more geometry for the furniture, make new groups or components for each piece of furniture. That way you can move them around and copy them as needed.

will do, thank you very much Dave!

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To help you understand better how SU works with groups and components, if you haven’t already, go to for tutorials, look at the YouTube Square One series of videos, and post here again for further help.

You also need to understand how to use Tags (called Layers in earlier versions of SU) and Scenes, to control the visibility pf groups and components (don’t apply tags to loose geometry - edges and faces). Those topics are covered too in the help and tutorials.