Help us locate some common vintage/modern objects

After years of preliminary work, we have finally begun producing files for a very realistic 3D Model of Dealey Plaza:

At this time, we are working on the “Lunch Room”:
2nd. Floor Lunch Room

The center of attraction, fully featured is, of course, the vintage Coca-Cola vending machine. It is being drawn as we speak.

I found this oil barrel:
Barrel of Oil

If you remove the lid, change the height of the “belts” and scale the dimensions, what do you get? The trash can next to the Coke machine. Well, you may need to bang it up a little, for maximum realism. The color is unknown, as the FBI investigators used only B&W photographs.

We still need to find everything else: table, chairs, fridge, piping, etc.

We are looking for volunteers. We obviously use other 3D apps, but the most common is SketchUp.


-Ramon F Herrera
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