[Help][Project] 3D printing rotor

For a school project we need to make an electric motor. We chose to print a selfmade 3D rotor (see attachment).
But the 3D printer, Ultimaker^2 failed to print our rotor. The staff said there was something wrong with our layers and attachment. Unfortunately, our knowledge of 3D drawing and printing is very restricted. It’s the first time we 3D print something.

I already saw that there is something wrong with the bottom, there are 2 circles some mm from each other.
But there are certainly other things wrong.
Could you help us out and explain clairly step-by-step how we need to solve this, please keep in mind that we are beginners to 3D drawing.

Thank you in advance!


Rotorprint.skp (152.5 KB)

Note: We converted the skp to stl with the extension the pro license, which has expired. But I can’t upload the stl file, because new users are only allowed to upload one file :(.

Rotorprint.skp (68.8 KB)

try this one.

There was plenty wrong with the SKP file that would make it unprintable. From internal faces to reversed faces. I’ve cleaned it up and made it a component which SketchUp reports as solid.

Thank you very much! You saved us a lot of time.

Kind regards,
Simon and team members

The STL extension isn’t a feature of the PRO version, you can use it with the MAKE version too.

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