Help (not urgent 😄) how to fade-In fade-Out the SPEED with Animator for SketchUp! (Fig1)

If your question relates to Fredo’s Animator, then why are you posting it here - where he might never see it ?
Why not ask questions in its main thread on SketchUcation - you probably downloaded the RBZ from there anyway ?

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is not a question… is need for help Because i don’t know where live Fredo… while here I’m in the right place … a World FORUM where many People help and get help. :smile:

I’ve told you the best place to contact Fredo - at the Animator thread on SketchUcation…
Fredo is much more likely to see your posts, if you make them where I showed you…
Your post is a question !?
You are asking how to do something.
Why do you think that your asking for help is not a question ??

My comment start with ‘Help’… at Sunset of Phrase it looks like 'Question :smile: !

@Fredo6 is sometimes active on this forum, and in general this forum is a good place to get help, but for a question about a specific extension I agree with TIG the best place to ask is the official thread for that extension, which in this case is on SketchUcation.

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first of all HI ENEROTH3 is delighted to communicate with a creative Woman of
Sketchup World. Thanks

Immediately after you started the title with ‘Help’ your say ‘how’ - that IS a question.
In English there are six basic question words…
How, Why, Who, What, Where, When.
Some languages have even more !
Please use Google Translate if you feel you need to clarify things…
I suspect that English is not your principal language…

PS: While we are at it… you are putting the question in the title, with no text in the body of the message - just an image. Because the purpose of your post is to get answers to your question, it might be more helpful to change this approach…

PPS: Please note that Fredo is French, so although his English is excellent it is not his first language either, so please explain yourself in simple terms.
Posting in the main Animator thread at SketchUcation is certainly the best, because even if Fredo doesn’t see the post immediately, then there are many users of the tool who do regularly contribute there, and who can probably help you, and some of them might not visit here…

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Forgive me for my English (I do not speak English well) but as a reward I speak other 5 languages diferentes. Ok Thanks for your Help to my Question. :smile:

If you’re trying to show acceleration, constant velocity, and deceleration, perhaps MS Physics is the best tool for the task.

once you’ve made the move, click the green check button then click the “easing” button and select a curve…the one i selected first, the first in the list curve will just ease it up (accelerate) and then to a constant speed. The second one i selected ( the “S” curve, will accelerate it and then decelerate it)

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RTCool - I used MS Physics a bit of time in the past (and keep it on my sketchup page) is very simple in the design interface but … but maybe Animator (in my opinion) is more complete as a program. Thank You so much.

OK, good. Just a suggestion, and you’re already familiar with it.