Fade in, fade out in animation

Is there a method or tool to have an object in my model slowly fade in or fade out (as for a “before and after” scene)?
Thanks for any guidance

You might also take a look at the Animator plugin. It has the capability to phase between scenes. Not sure that is what you are asking for though.

You could have scene one set the way you want things to look. Then make two copies of the scene. Now set the middle serene so that nothing shows. Now in native SU, go to the Animation settings and set the time for a scene. And the time for transition for the scenes. Again, not sure this is what you are looking for.

You certainly could with an external video editor like DaVinci Resolve. You might consider the moving section plane trick to build the object from nothing to complete, but that’s not exactly what you had in mind.

I use a crude simulation using Fog in this SU file.

Fade out:Fade in.skp (90.6 KB)

Start the animation with View menu → Animation → Play

Using more scenes can produce a smoother animation.

I’ve attached a file with a couple of ways you could achieve a transition
One is to use animated section plans and “wipe” in new geometry : this may not work so well if you need to remove geometry also.

A 2nd way, which is a bit more of a cheat : render out a 2D image of your “before” state
Edit the style and apply it as a fully opaque watermark
Create a new scene (with a standard style ) from the exact same camera position in the “after” state

This will essentially fade in an image over the top of the other.
I’ve attached an example of it there
beforeafter.skp (8.6 MB)

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Thanks very much.