HELP needed modelling seating part

I’m trying to model this designer chair “Anneau Butterfly Chair” by “Pierre Paulin” from the 1950’s, but i’m stuck modelling the “canvas” seating part.

This part is made out of 2 seperate sheets which are combined and wrapped around the framework then fixed with a couple of metal strips.
Original made out of canvas, but the ones i own are made out of leather.

Don’t know how to explain how/what/when/who to do … so i hope the pictures inside the model show how it was manufactured.

In case you are “The One” (all hail The One) that is able to create this part, could you please be so kind to model your workflow in a couple of steps (kinda like shown above so i can learn the how to …)

3D Warehouse: WIP(work in progress)-Anneau-Butterfly-Chair-Pierre-Paulin-1950

Thanks a bundle in advance!

Antonio ©@mp@n@®io

With TIG Extrude Tools

@nihai.s thanks a bundle!
i will try install the extention and replicate your workflow this evening.
to be continued…

(Couldn’t wait til eveningtime)
Althow not using the extention as shown above by mihai.s, thanks to mihai.s i did get back on track and (finally) managed to model the seating… kinda.

image: overview fabrics

image: detail - frame connection

image: detail - fixation of fabric

image: detail - clipon floorprotectors