Help needed for LayOut scrapbook

I got one question, I messed up my scrapbook in Layout, by creating
files and rearranging the pre-made color groups etc., but I have no
clue how to make it back to original or how to reset it.
What should I do?

Is this a shipped scrapbook or one you custom made? If it’s a shipped scrapbook, you could close LayOut and SketchUp and then run the installer. Right click on the installer, choose Run as Administrator and then choose Repair. It should overwrite the screwed up scrapbook with the original shipped one.

If you are still in edit mode, you can Revert to the last saved version:

If you have these settings checked in Edit > Preferences > Backup:

There is a backup with ‘Back of …’ added to the original name:

The shipped ones are in the Program Data, which would be erased when reinstalling.
It is better to add a common resource folder with your own scrapbooks, and add them to folders: