Help in creating arc style canopies

Just wanted to find out what the best way would be to create an arc style canopy like in the attached image on a circular base? Many thanks in advance for your help.

A method with native tools:

  • arc
  • line
  • Sandbox > Drape
  • PushPull

How much detail does it need to have? Is it just a representation or do you need to model it for shop drawings? Using native tools is a good way but a fast, simple method for a representation would be a Follow Me with a profile around a circle to create a solid dome and then use Slicer 5 from Sketchucation to cut it up into the ribs.


Thank you for your help. Just a representation is adequate. I will give this a go. Many thanks.

Woaw that’s cool tool.
Mental note taken

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It’s speedy but it would only be good for a representation of the thing becausethe arches at the back get distorted a bit due to the angle of the slices relative to the dome.

Another more accurate representation would use Follow Me with a series of curves created from intersecting faces with the dome.

Yeah, similar to the solid slicing a curved dome and the follow me tool method I posted in the other thread… :sleepy:

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More accurate model your way.

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Slicer looks to be the kinda thing you would use with a big CNC and sheets of wood?

Yes. It’s got some cool capabilities.Here I made it slice in both X and Y, notched the components with halving joints so they can be linked together and automatically laid out copies flat on the ground plane. It could also add labels for the parts.

Obviously in a case like this the pieces could be nested more efficiently but that’s simple enough to do manually.