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What would be the simplest way to download these truss items which come in a variety of sizes and connect them together in a circle or add them to straight sections at the correct angle?


Where are you downloading them from? Can you provide a link?

The best way is to check this page:

From the user Axilum - Search for axilum | 3D Warehouse

OK. So here I’ve imported a couple of the H40 components. They aren’t modeled very well so there will be a bit of fussing around to get things right.

For the arc components, you can identify the center of the arc with guidelines place off each end.

Then you can use Rotate/Copy to make a copy to continue the arc.

Straight sections can be moved into place with the Move tool. Due to the poor method used by the author to draw the long tubes on the straight section I downloaded, it takes a bit of screwing around to get the component aligned correctly on the end of the curved piece but it can be done.

If none of this makes sense, you should spend some time with the Help articles on Move and Rotate as well as on the use of the Tape Measure tool. And then spend some time working with simpler elements before moving on to these trusses.

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